Title: The Lamb of God
Series: JESUS
Author: Randy Tomko

The celebration of the Jewish Passover requires the sacrifice of a lamb – something innocent standing in for man’s sins. In the same way, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross represents the sacrifice of the ultimate innocent, the Lamb of God in exchange for the forgiveness of sin throughout the ages.

When Jesus knew the time of his death was at hand, he shared a last supper with his disciples where he explained in plain language what his imminent death would mean for all of mankind.

22 While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take it; this is my body.”

23 Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, and they all drank from it.

24 “This is my blood of the[a] covenant, which is poured out for many,”he said to them.

Mark 14:22-24 (NIV)