Thank you for partnering with us in ministry!

Thank you

The Bible is very clear that giving is meant to be an act of worship that is an outflow of an obedient and grateful heart. If you are new to the Rockpointe community or still exploring the ways of God, we honestly don’t expect you to give. We’d rather you take the time to get to know us, to trust that your giving will be applied to His purposes in this world.

But for those of us who call this church home, we give out of a deep understanding that everything we have comes directly from our loving Father.

We give out of gratitude for the simple but profound act of Grace that rescued us from sin. We give because God has imprinted on our hearts His own overwhelming generosity. We give because Jesus Christ gave everything He had to give in order for us to live lives of freedom and abundance.

When you give, you support God’s work in a very tangible way. That work is ongoing within our community, but also extends into the local area and beyond.


Give online via PushPay…

Text “Give” to  (877) 603-3397