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This is undoubtedly one of the most significant times in your life! A marriage with Jesus Christ at the center has the capacity to be a pleasing offering to God, as well as a wonderful way to live out our lives. We hope you find this process leading up to your wedding to be beneficial both in your relationship with your future spouse, as well as your relationship with God.

If you are ready to begin the process of getting married at Rockpointe Community Church, please read the FAQ’s below and fill out our Wedding Checklist. Once completed, we’ll follow up with you regarding the rest of the process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone get married at Rockpointe?

Weddings held at Rockpointe are available to members or regular attendees whose weddings have been approved through our pre-marriage process.

How do we start the process of getting married here at Rockpointe?

Request a wedding packet either to be picked up at the Rockpointe Welcome Center or download it digitally here. Each couple must complete the wedding checklist and submit it to the Rockpointe office, email it to, or fill it out digitally here. A pastor will review your checklist and contact you to complete your wedding application process and set up a pre-marriage interview.

Are there any circumstances in which Rockpointe would not agree to marry a couple?

Sometimes the pastor may review concerns that arise during the pre-marriage interview and request a postponement of marriage. If the couple is willing to consider the recommendations made by the pastor in those areas, the church is willing to walk with them through this process.

Why do we require that each individual has a personal faith in Jesus Christ?

We believe that every marriage must have God at the foundation and that marriage is an opportunity to honor God. This is why we believe that every couple should be equally yoked and that a couple should share the same Christian beliefs (2 Corinthians 6:14). This is extremely important. When there are differing views in a relationship, it can cause strife and stress.

What if we are sexually active?

We believe that as part of His good plan, God created sex to be between one man and one woman and only within the God-ordained boundaries of marriage (1 Corinthians 7:2/Matthew 19:4-6). As believers in Christ, we are expected to live within the guidelines of our faith (1 Thessalonians 4:3). If you are currently sexually active, it is an expectation that you would commit to abstaining from sexual activity until after your wedding (Hebrews 13:4).

What if we are living together?

We believe that couples should not live together before they are married. Couples that cohabitate have a greater temptation towards sexual immorality and tend to have more tension in their relationship and a higher divorce rate. We believe the sanctity and endurance of a marriage is best realized through an attitude of a commitment to covenant, not a “trial run.” Consider the payoff in living by God’s principles for relationships and marriage as your prepare for your future together (1 Corinthians 6:18). If you have questions regarding your specific circumstances, please contact Rockpointe Family Life Pastor Jeff Brown.

What if one (or both) of us is divorced?

The Bible values the permanence of marriage. To protect couples in this important matter, couples in which one or both of the individuals are divorced must meet with a Rockpointe pastor (1 Corinthians 7:15).

Why does Rockpointe require a six-month time frame before the wedding?

The reason six months is required is for your benefit. If any areas are discovered in which you and your fiancé need further work, there is plenty of time to do so apart from being consumed with wedding details. All too often engaged couples invest more time planning the wedding than they do in preparing for marriage. This allows you to focus completely on one another and your relationship.

What is Rockpointe Community Church’s Premarital Program?

Great marriages don’t just happen! They are prepared for, worked for, and nurtured. A crucial part is preparation. The process begins by completing the Prepare inventory. One of our wedding coordinators will set this up for you. All couples attend our pre-marriage class (Prepare to Last) and have multiple mentorship sessions with the pastoral staff. The decision to marry is one of the most important choices that we will make in life. Often months, and in some cases, years are spent planning for a wedding ceremony and very little time is spent planning for a marriage. Our desire at Rockpointe Community Church is to help you prepare for and establish a marriage that will endure and last a lifetime.

What does Rockpointe offer to strengthen and support couples once they are married?

We provide events aimed specifically at married couples along with a wide variety of personal Bible studies and couples studies focused on strengthening your marriage.

How do we choose a Pastor to officiate the wedding?

A list of pastors who officiate weddings is available through the wedding coordinator. You may request a specific pastor, however there is no guarantee that the requested pastor will be available to officiate your wedding.

Does Rockpointe allow a Pastor that is not on staff to officiate the wedding?

Some couples have an existing relationship with a Pastor prior to coming to Rockpointe. We are able to honor this request as long as the Pastor is of like faith and belief. He/She must also be licensed to officiate a wedding in the State of Michigan.

Can a Rockpointe Pastor officiate an offsite wedding?

Yes, based on pastoral availability.

Does Rockpointe perform vow renewals?

Yes, our Pastors will perform vow renewals based on pastoral and church availability.

Does Rockpointe assist with coordination of the wedding?

Yes, we have coordinators who can assist with the ceremony portion for both onsite and offsite weddings. You will be assigned a wedding coordinator who will meet with you to discuss and help organize the ceremony. There are fees for ceremonies held at Rockpointe. Those fees will be discussed with you by your coordinator at your first meeting.

Does Rockpointe provide musicians for the ceremony?

Rockpointe has a number of musicians and vocalists who are available for weddings. There are associated fees based on the number of musicians/vocalists involved. You may request a specific musician or vocalist, however, selection will be determined based on musician/vocalist availability.