We take seriously our commitment to communicate effectively with the Rockpointe Community!

In order to do that, we use a secure, sophisticated database that allows us to manage our communications with you. We know that personal information changes at times — you move, get a new phone number, change email provider — and it helps us out tremendously if you update that information with us.

Use the button below to login to our database. If you already login regularly with us, proceed as you normally would. If you’ve never logged in, or aren’t sure, click on “Sign Up” and follow the instructions. Please note that it sometimes takes 24 hours for a new login to be approved by our system administrator.

Once you’ve confirmed your login information, go ahead and login! Check your personal information — address, phone, email — and make any updates. You can also check your giving record, which includes all your giving (not just online gifts).

Questions? Contact RCC Business Manager Julia Davis.