Valued relationships both locally and worldwide.

Together we make one another more dynamic than we would be on our own.

Together we increase each other’s effectiveness.

Together we stand strong and united for Truth.

Osborn Community

Our Osborn Strategic Partnership is a long-term commitment that we have made to Detroit’s Osborn community.

Through a variety of initiatives involving volunteers of all levels of expertise and availability, we invest in uplifting this community both physically and spiritually.

Our strategic partnership is based out of an office at Osborn High School, where a Rockpointe staff member coordinates our efforts. While much of our work is centered in the high school itself, our goal is for it to have impact into the community and beyond.

There are numerous ways in which you can become involved with our Osborn Strategic Partnership.

Detroit Bible Institute

The Detroit Bible Institute exists to develop world-impacting Christian leaders through biblical, theological and ministerial training that is high-quality, affordable and accessible. In 2012, Rockpointe Community Church opened the Sterling Heights campus for DBI, which now serves as the institute’s main campus.

Detroit Bible Institute is supported by a strategic partnership of local churches including Bethesda Christian Church, Fellowship Chapel, Hope Community Baptist Church, Stoney Creek Church, The One Church, and Rockpointe Community Church.

There truly has never been a better time to study at the Detroit Bible Institute.

Compassion Pregnancy Center

We believe that all human life is sacred, and so do our partners at Compassion Pregnancy Center.

Compassion Pregnancy Center is a life-affirming ministry sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing women and men positive choices based on the truth found in the Bible.

The center offers no-cost pregnancy tests, 3D and 2D ultrasounds, equipping and education on fetal development, parenting, healthy relationships, post-abortion healing and support, Bible study, and much more.

We support Compassion Pregnancy Center through prayer, funding, and material donations.

Turning Point Church

A turning point is a decisive moment in a person’s life when something radically changes. Turning Point Church strives to remove barriers so that people can experience that turning point in their lives that leads to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ!

The church was launched in a culturally diverse community in Bonita Springs, Florida. Headed up by former Rockpointe Children’s Pastor Steve Gill, Turning Point Church strives to uplift and encourage families by building cultural bridges and spiritual ones as well.

We support Turning Point Church through prayer, funding, and partner with them periodically to form short-term mission teams.

Church of the City

Church of the City, or Iglesia de la Ciudad, ministers in an economically depressed area of San Jose, Costa Rica. Led by Pastor Miguel Rojas, the church’s mission is to lead people to experience God first in their lives, so that they may be freed from the bondage of sin.

We support Church of the City with our prayers, finances, and partner directly with them on various projects including short-term mission teams for construction and medical support in the church community.