Meeting needs in the Rockpointe community and beyond.

Gentle Care Ministry

Sometimes life throws us things that hurt. Things like illness, death, an accident or hospitalization can all cause unexpected grief and chaos in our lives.

An extension of our Rockpointe pastoral team, GCM offers pastoral care that provides emotional, spiritual, health educational, and select physical support to the Rockpointe community. They provide this by visiting those who are ill, homebound, hospitalized, as well as those who are bereaved to offer support, prayer, and comfort.

The GCM team is composed of health care professionals and other uniquely skilled church members who compassionately integrate Christian faith and health in order to provide counseling, resources, health education, encouragement and support as needed.

The Pantry

The Rockpointe Pantry is open to our Rockpointe community families and is meant to provide support when times are tough. The Pantry is located at the north end of the Concourse, and is open select days and hours. Contact us for details on current Pantry offerings. Donations of goods are always welcome.

Prayer Support

Throughout the Bible, God continually encourages us to pray. It is as if prayer is His preferred mode of communion with His human creation.

Prayer also provides a dynamic state where God changes us. It brings our hearts closer to God’s heart, our desires closer to His.

We have a team that would like to join you in prayer for the things weighing on your heart. Submit your request here and they will get on it right away.

Share Your Portion

Sometimes life is just plain hard. Big events can throw us sideways – a major illness or hospitalization, the loss of a loved one, even bringing home a new baby can cause our normal routines to erupt in chaos.

Share Your Portion exists to bring peace into the storms of life with the delivery of meals for a short period to individuals and families within the Rockpointe church community. It’s a simple act, but one that can bring a stabilizing force in times of short-term hardship.

Please let us know if you either need meals from, or want to volunteer on our Share Your Portion team. Meal recipients must be Rockpointe Community Church official members or regular attendees.

Nehemiah’s Toolbox

The story of Nehemiah in the Bible is one of a builder. A man who left a position of prominence and authority to help a nation of people recover their dignity by rebuilding their entire city wall.

Nehemiah’s ToolBox aims to do the same—rebuild, restore and renew. This ministry is committed to tackling short-term projects for those in the Rockpointe community who have a critical need without the resources to match it.

Please let us know if you either need help from, or want to volunteer on our Nehemiah’s ToolBox team. Help recipients must be Rockpointe Community Church official members or regular attendees.