Title: Top 10 ways that moms rock the world!

Top 10 ways that moms rock the world!

For the months of March and April, guest contributor and Rockpointe Communications Director Laura Edghill steps in to examine the importance of moms.

Because everyone loves a snappy top 10 list, this month we’re featuring one on the uniqueness of motherhood (watch out, #6 is a doozy!).


#10 – Moms are the peacemakers.

When the brother wrestling match escalates to imminent physical peril or the preschooler destroys her older sibling’s favorite fine-tip Sharpies, who steps in? You guessed it. The mom. More often than not, she’s the Secretary of State in these and many other tense stand-offs, negotiating peace treaties with a flair for fairness that Lady Justice herself could respect. We see you, moms, and we are in awe.

#9 – Moms are the most amazing cupbearers.

Remember that guy in the Bible? The one Joseph met in prison? That cupbearer was the official food and drink tester for Pharoah, ensuring that any poison intended for his supreme leader discharged its effects on himself first. It was the kind of job prone to sudden, ahem, retirements. But moms? Moms possess an unparalleled capacity to assess taste, temperature, and detailed composition of what’s headed down their child’s hatch with accuracy like a NASA engineer. That baby’s bottle? Exactly .05 degrees too cool. Amount of surface contaminant on a dropped Cheerio? Several microns below the hazardous threshold for consumption. Teflon tongues and guts of steel make moms the G.O.A.T. of cupbearers.

#8 – Moms know how to fill down time like nobody’s business.

This is the mom skill most likely to induce groans, rolled eyes, and all other types of juvenile complaints. It’s a rare child who doesn’t learn early on that the phrase “I’m bored” unlocks a veritable Pandora’s box of unwelcome treasures. Treasures like, “Why don’t you clean your room?” and “I’ve got a kitchen cupboard that needs reorganizing,” or the much-dreaded, “Great! Let’s go weed Aunt Edna’s petunia patch.” The truly unique aspect of this mom skill is its subversive nature. Once children learn not to utter those magic words, moms can simply sit back and watch as the kids – on their own – pick up a book, put away their mess, or go shoot some hoops in the driveway. [Proverbs 31:7]

#7 – Moms forgive quickly.

We all know that section in 1 Corinthians: “Love is patient, love is kind…love keeps no record of wrongs…” Even in the midst of personal hurt, moms are swift to forgive a child’s offense. Your naughty toddler stomps off in a huff shouting “I hate you,” your tween disobeys instructions to put away her laundry before hopping on Instagram, your struggling teen lifts a twenty from your wallet to purchase an illicit vape cartridge. Moms, we know that offering forgiveness can be painful, especially when coupled with a loving correction. That’s no small task! But every time you do it, your child’s understanding of not just the constancy of your love but the steadfastness of God’s love deepens. [1 Corinthians 13:4-7]

#6 – We promised a doozy and here it is. Moms have magic saliva.

No lie! While not venomous like the mighty Komodo Dragon, mom saliva is a proven cleaning agent, disinfectant and germ killer of the highest order. Standard practice involves licking the mom’s dominant hand thumb, then swiping vigorously to remove an offending stain on the child’s skin. Often coupled with a straight-up MMA style immobilizing headlock. Most typically used on the face when out in public. When deployed with #9 moms perform at a 98.9% success rate in identifying unknown substances using this maneuver.

#5 – Moms show up.

I grew up in the 70s and even though my mom worked a part-time job, I still remember her on the sidelines of every soccer game, in the seats at all my music recitals, and faithfully volunteering for more than her fair share of school functions. She even dressed as a black cat (complete with drawn-on greasepaint whiskers) for my third grade Halloween party. I. Was. Mortified. But also secretly delighted that my mom could be so uninhibited. I loved that she showed up. Showing up matters. And moms, I know how you think so don’t use this one to beat yourself up for when you couldn’t be there. Stop that right now. What matters is when you do show up. Do it however you can…be creative! Showing up produces lasting effects that linger throughout your child’s lifetime.

#4 – Moms pray hard.

You know that whole “pray without ceasing” directive in the Bible? Well, moms do it Next Level. I don’t know a single mom who doesn’t go through the day sending up a nonstop litany of silent prayers like “Please help Joey to use the potty at daycare today…give me patience for Benjamin’s incessant ‘Why’ phase…show Mariah that the mean girls at school are really just insecure and hurting…help me stretch the budget for groceries and new shoes for Jenna…protect Alexander as he serves our country.” From the mundane to the deepest, most intimate concerns, Moms pray them all, all the time. [1 Thessalonians 5:16-18]

#3 – Moms teach like a boss.

So many things in life require explanations. Why is the sky blue? How do I use a kitchen knife without losing a finger? What’s the best way to tie my shoelaces? Moms spend an inordinate amount of time teaching their children through both word and deed. They break down tough concepts into smaller steps, they model best practices, and they demonstrate how to do just about everything kids need in order to grow up (except lattice math – that’s a bridge too far!). You deserve full credit, moms! [Proverbs 1:8-9]

#2 – Moms have an extra gear. Always.

It’s said that marathon runners hit “The Wall” around mile 20. That’s the point in the 26.2 mile race when their bodies feel most weakened – deprived of fuel, low on glucose and saturated with crippling lactic acid. The successful athletes know this is the danger zone where they are most at risk of giving up. So what do they do? They remind themselves of what moms know intrinsically; the finish line beckons and they are capable of more than they realize. They surge forward, shedding doubt and fear. Moms, you may not realize how well you do this all the time. Think about how many times the baby wakes during the night and you find the strength to change her diaper and feed her. Think about how many days you stay up late to help your 11-year-old with his fractions homework, then pull a few more hours studying for your nursing certification. Think about that morning your teenage daughter finally confesses some really ugly self-harm thoughts and you cancel everything just to be with her. Moms, you always have an extra gear. Use it with confidence! [Proverbs 31:7]

#1 – Mom hugs are an original miracle.

The Bible chronicles numerous miracles, both natural and those performed by Jesus. You know most of them – parting the Red Sea so the Israelites could escape the pursuing Egyptians, Jesus restoring sight to the blind man, feeding the 5,000… Not to minimize any of that, but mom hugs should definitely make the miracle cut! And it’s not just a spiritual issue. We know from numerous scientific studies that children who lack positive physical touch like being cuddled as infants suffer stunted brain development, learning delays, and persistent behavior issues. We also know from millennia of real-life experience that children yearn for the comfort of their mother’s embrace, seeking it out when injured, upset, or just desiring to feel close. Moms, you have a God-given superpower that requires zero special training to unlock. Use it with abandon! Lavish your children with affection until they push you off with a “C’mon, Mom.” Then chase them down and do it again…

Your partner in ministry,

Laura Edghill

Rockpointe Communications Director