Part of being in Christian community is that we see each other. There’s a relationship…people aren’t left alone. They become known. You become known. You become part of a [...]

The Call To Act Justly

As a follower of Christ, righteous behavior and the right treatment of others are inseparable. If pursued separately, they go off course into either revenge or platitudes. What is one area of [...]

It Is Well

Where do you turn when all else falls away? Where are your eyes focused in both good times and bad? What is your faith grounded in? There are songs in the faith of profound encouragement, of [...]


If… Have you reached the point in your journey where you can honestly say: “God, if you don’t go with me into this job, into this relationship, into this new endeavor, this [...]

Dear God…What Makes You So Special?

There are no other religions with a figure parallel to Jesus who literally overcame death and resurrected from the grave! Jesus had no servants, yet they called him master. He had no degree, yet [...]

Real Love… Sacrifices

Easter is a day of profound celebration. But if we’ve not yet contemplated the unimaginable cost of this day, then we know nothing more than a date on a calendar. There is no cheap grace in [...]

The Gospel

From Genesis all the way through to Revelation we see the story of redemption, the story of sin and brokenness but also of salvation and grace. The garden at the beginning is restored in the city [...]

The Long View

There’s an awareness we have that this world is not everything. There’s some sense we have that God is present, that He cares about us, that He has an intimate interest in who we are. [...]

Perseverance and Provision

We so often make the mistake that we think following Jesus means everything in our lives will go smoothly and be problem-free. But that is not what the Bible teaches us! When we look at all the [...]

Birthright and Blessing

We may have strayed far from God, done regrettable deeds, and fallen short again and again. Yet we yearn for God’s blessing…to feel the love of our heavenly Father, to bask in His [...]