Title: What is REALLY Real and Who Says?
Series: Tell The World
Author: Stuart McAllister

We know our world is in trouble.

As Christ followers, though, we can’t wring our hands and just shout at the darkness. We can’t give aggression and hatred and anger and belligerence as an answer.

We can give the Grace of God. The kindness of God.

And when all the confusion swirls, we can offer Jesus, the light and hope of the world to a world swirled in darkness.

  • Make walking worthily your core aim [Colossians 1:9-10].
  • See to it no one takes you captive [Colossians 2:4-8].
  • Be prepared [Colossians 4:5-6].

A worldview is situated in the self — the central operating chamber of every human being. It is from this heart that all one’s thoughts and actions proceed.

James Sire