Title: Faith Without Straw
Series: Are We There Yet?
Author: Randy Tomko

Where do we turn when it seems like we can’t go on in the midst of suffering?

How do we trust that God will come through when we’re literally grasping for the straw we need to survive?

What does it take to shake us out of our discouragement and remember…remember that the Lord is for us?

“You are no longer to supply the people with straw for making bricks; let them go and gather their own straw. But require them to make the same number of bricks as before; don’t reduce the quota. They are lazy; that is why they are crying out, ‘Let us go and sacrifice to our God.’ Make the work harder for the people so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies.”

Exodus 5:7-9 (NIV)

“Therefore, say to the Israelites: ‘I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. I will free you from being slaves to them, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgment. I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God, who brought you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. And I will bring you to the land I swore with uplifted hand to give to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. I will give it to you as a possession. I am the Lord.’”

Exodus 6:6-8 (NIV)