Raising Honest Kids

Parents, I remember the first time my oldest daughter lied to me. I don’t remember exactly what it was about, but I remember she took something she wasn’t supposed to and I knew she did it. [...]

The Dinner Table

Parents, When I was younger, my mother worked a lot of afternoon shifts, but on her days off, she always stressed the importance of eating dinner together. It was difficult with two of us playing [...]

The Pitfalls Of Parenting: Part One

Parents, I remember that overwhelming feeling of frustration with trying to figure out how to parent effectively. I even remember thinking to myself, “There are 8 billion books out there on [...]

Single Parenting: Part Two

Parents, Earlier this month we discussed many of the problems that single parents face each day. You may have realized that even though you may not be single, this topic affects you more than you [...]

Single Parenting: Part One

Parents, We all know how difficult parenting can be. Articles and the pros will tell you how important it is for parents to work together and be a team. But what about those parents who do it [...]