Handle With Care

How do we correctly handle the Word of God? How do we apply it to our lives with integrity and wisdom? How do we avoid the pitfall of misapplying scripture, picking and choosing verses that [...]

The Allegiance

What is your allegiance? What do you identify with the most? What shapes you and what do you present to the watching world? What would happen if we set aside all other identities – [...]

The Victory

Christ died for you and for me. He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in his victory over death that he truly was the Son of God! Even skeptics and scoffers have, for millennia, time and time [...]

The Sacrifice

Our sin is so bloody, so dark, that it only leads to death. But we have a God whose grace is so great, that through the sacrifice of his only son Jesus Christ, he calls us to LIFE! He calls us [...]

The Covenant

As a follower of Christ, you are invited to take part in a great feast. It’s a celebration of a covenant, one between Christ and each one of us. A covenant that is likened to that of a [...]

The Invitation

To be a follower of Christ is to accept an invitation from him to stop rebelling and to become part of the Kingdom of God – a movement that has and continues to transform the world. It is [...]

The Kingdom

The Kingdom of God transcends all manmade barriers of nationality, race, background, status, affinity group, political alliance and more. And above all else, recognizing the Kingdom of God is a [...]

Who is Jesus?

The real question is…has the knowledge of who Jesus is touched the whole of your life? And where does that knowledge come from? Does it come from modern cultural references, or have you, [...]

The Most Important Thing

In a world that is soaked with lies, where we struggle to find a solid foundation, where anxiety and confusion can easily overwhelm, where do we turn? What is the most important thing we need to [...]


Generosity is about more than money. It begins with the realization that our whole lives are gifts from God! But we too easily become distracted by the world and its misplaced priorities. Status, [...]