Osborn Partnership

Written by webmaster on May 05, 2016

Osborn Partnership

Our Osborn Strategic Partnership is a long-term commitment that we have made to the Osborn community.

Through a variety of initiatives involving volunteers of all levels of expertise and availability, we are invested in uplifting this community physically and spiritually.

Our strategic partnership is based out of an office at Osborn High School, where a Rockpointe staff member coordinates our efforts. While much of our work is centered in the high school itself, our goal is for it to have impact into the community and beyond.

We value relationships over resources, and people over the processes involved. We strive to maintain the integrity of Scripture in all that we do. We finish what we start.

There are numerous ways in which you can become involved with our Osborn Strategic Partnership.

Please contact us (osborn@rockpointe.org) for more information on current initiatives and projects. Select initiatives are featured below.

We provide food for numerous events in the Osborn community throughout the year! The needs vary from simple donations of store-bought items to freshly-prepared meals and baked goods! For the latest Food Team opportunities or for more information, contact our Food Team Coordinator:

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