Written by webmaster on Oct 24, 2016

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Oasis is our ministry for women designed to refresh, restore and reinvigorate the soul.

Daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, caregivers, employees, employers, household managers, boo-boo menders, referees, risk assessors, and head comforters. These are just a fraction of the seemingly endless and exhausting list of roles women are asked to fill in our modern world. Those roles can sometimes overwhelm! Oasis exists to offer a respite from those demands and a validation of their worth and purpose.

Founded by and run by women, there’s no question that Oasis understands what soothing, peace, laughter and fun can do for a woman’s soul!

Oasis offers a variety of events throughout the year. Programs vary, and can include special speakers, relevant movies, crafts, service projects, book studies, games and community-building activities.

Oasis events are safe and nurturing places for adult women (18+) to gather together for encouragement, community and discipleship.

Contact our OASIS team at oasis@rockpointe.org.

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