Prayer Support

Written by admin on Aug 07, 2012


Throughout the Bible, God continually encourages us to pray. It is as if prayer is His preferred mode of communion with His human creation—one that fits our human state. One that has the greatest potential for a clear signal. One with maximum reception.

Prayer also provides a dynamic state where God changes us. It brings our hearts closer to God’s heart, our desires closer to His.

We have a team who would like to join you in prayer for the things on your heart. Submit your request here and they will get on it right away.

Rockpointe’s Gentle Care Ministry also offers emotional, spiritual, educational and some physical support to the Rockpointe community. They support the integration of Christian faith and health through visitation to the ill, bereaved or homebound. Additionally, GCM provides ongoing health care education, referral and counseling as needed along with assistance for health-related activities provided by other church ministries. Click here for more about GCM.

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