Family Summit

Written by admin on Aug 07, 2012

The family, by God’s design, is where children are most influenced spiritually and morally. Family Summit provides parents tools to assist them as they journey with their children to a point higher than all the ground immediately surrounding it – a summit of faith in Jesus and a lifetime of relationship with Him.

Family Summit follows a four-week pattern every month:

Grow (week one): Families growing and learning together

Where kids take their parents to learn. It’s a fast, high-energy, family-focused extravaganza filled with skits involving a recurring group of zany characters centered around a monthly theme.

Lift (week two): Families experiencing a time of praise and worship

Where kids get to bring their families to worship—kid style! A time of praise and worship, music and skits which focus on the importance of worshipping together as a family.

Kneel (week three): Families engaging together in prayer and devotions

Where kids bring their parents to pray. A safe, family-friendly environment in which families and individuals can learn about each other as well as the importance of an active family prayer life.

Reach (week four): Families serving together to expand God’s kingdom

Where kids get to bring their families to serve. An environment focused specifically on serving the community, whether it is right here in our backyard or halfway around the world.